Welcome to my personal blog, a place where I will share my insight about today’s business of Fashion.   I have been in the Fashion Industry since I was very young.   I started as a model doing commercial work and runway for designers in my home country of Venezuela. 

Years later I had the opportunity to bring beautiful swimwear from South America to Mexico.   Many of you might know that South American Swimwear and Lingerie have a great reputation.   Fabrics and cuts are hard to beat in today’s retail market.   Even now, I commission my personal swimwear from a local seamstress in Venezuela.  

I’ve always had this passion for fashion and business.   In recent years, I’ve had opportunity to jump back into the business part of Fashion Industry.   Only this time, I act as a trader between clients in Latin America and Suppliers in Asia.    It has been a great adventure with challenges and great results.   I can’t wait to share with you about my experiences in this great ever changing industry.  


Breaking into the Fashion Industry in Toronto (and everywhere else)

A few years ago, I was reading a post in a local Online Blog giving advice to creatives on how to break into the Fashion Industry, I was surprised to see that NETWORKING was the most important thing to do.   The Blog suggested things like volunteering and attending fashion events, Meetups, joining local Fashion Clubs anything to get your name out there and build relationships.

I decided that I should dedicate one of my blog posts to this important component of building a brand that might cost you more time than money.

Networking is about getting to know people, building relationships and making your name known.   People in the Bank and Financial Industry are expected to have a social night a week.   It is still considered a “work” commitment, yet, it happens in a social space.   Businesses are built on relationships and if this powerful group of bankers and brokers do it, why are we not doing it? 

A first step to start breaking into the Fashion Industry could be as simple as a google search.   Investigate what type of Associations, groups, clubs, meetings, and parties about Fashion are happening in your city.   If there is a Fashion Week or another event of that sort, try to be part of it!   Get yourself known, bring business cards everywhere you go, collaborate with photographers and Make up artists but most of all, always be ready and open to meet new people and talk about your business.  After all, these relationships might bring you work in the future. 

Remember that building personal relationships is as important as building virtual ones.  Networking is a 24/7 job.   Be always dressed and ready to connect because every day brings an opportunity for you to expose and grow your business.